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Best Diet in the World

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Best Diet in the World
Completely with everyone here. Being a college student and "dieting" is pretty much impossible. Buying anything green or leafy, as well as expensive "diet foods" pretty much eats up my spending money.
Great for limiting caloric intake when you have nothing. Next time you go shopping definitely look at what is on sale and like sukibahsoun said, stock up on it! For example I went to the store yesterday and propel water was on sale for fifty cents a bottle. I bought a lot of it.
Cereals really expensive but it lasts me about five or six meals. Pasta is dirt cheap and if you eat a "serving size" top it with a bit of inexpensive low calorie meat and put like two tbsp of "good" pasta sauce you have about 6 or 7 meals per .99 cent bag of pasta and 2.00 meat( I hate buying meat _) a ton more for the sauce.
Original Post by sukibahsoun:
Another great way to get greens in, especially since they can be so expensive, is by buying frozen. I started buying frozen veggies for a few reasons. One is because they are super cheap. The other is because I'm buying for one person, so most of the time my veggies would go bad before I finished them.
I prefer fresh, but frozen is better than canned!
Agreed on this, especially since I'm in a similar boat right now. Frozen veggies can come really cheaply and they're so much easier to prepare so I actually do eat them. You also lower your risk of getting E. Coli and the like.
Many years ago, my 3 college roommates and I put in $10 per person and shared a weeks worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner MonThurs. (Weekends we always hoped for dates this was back in the day when boys paid for food on dates. Or some of us went home for Mom's good cooking.) We managed to eat really well, and even shared about 1 dinner a week with the boys next door.
The rules were no soft drinks, no chips, no frozen dinners, no cookies, no beer, and not much prepared food with the household money. Nowadays I would add no bottled drinks at all. What we did buy was pantry/refrigerator staples like flour, sugar, oats, cereals, canned tomatoes, chicken, tuna, peanut butter, cheese, eggs, milk, butter, hamburger, frozen vegetables, salad greens, etc. Of course, we also had to have chocolate chips (to make cookies for the boys next door who were really cute ). We all maintained healthy weights, and each of us only had to cook dinner once a week.
I guess that nowadays 4 people could do the same thing with maybe $20 per week to account for inflation? The other trick was to shop with a list, and stay away from the "junk food aisle". Although I can now afford to spend much more on groceries, I learned as much from this experience that has stood me in good stead as I did from my course work.
I am a broke student but I manage to still afford chicken/greens and fruits(amongststawberries, blueberries, and such). Typically there is one grocery store in my town that all the people go to so the prices are kinda steep(location of the store) but if you drive 5 miles farther there is another store that has super hardcore savings due to no one going there. Its ridiculous. I got buy 1 get 2 free chicken breasts(packs of 4 each). The best bet is to actually go to a store that is out of the waythey usually have to cut prices to compete. The 3 towns i have lived in there has always been one store trying to compete and in turn have to cut prices. Also, lots of greens, and apples, grapes, on season produce is all cheaper. Also the less processed food the cheaper in some cases.
try local farmers as wellthey usually have great deals.
I have a food income of 80100 a month and that is easily enough for me to find healthy options. Cut coupons, go on sale days, visit out of the way stores, go to whole foods and stock up on one quality spice item a month.
it can be done!!!!!
Off topic but I'm always surprised when I see someone that makes $8 an hour at a grocery store carrying around an IPhone. People say they are broke all the time, but have loads of money to give Apple. I spend a lot on my food, I buy organic whenever possible, I shop at the Union Square farmers market whenever I can. I don't own a cell phone. I don't have a flat screen TV. Some of my hand bags cost $1. It worries me to see people spend more on their hair then they do on the food they put in their bodies.
Omg inkblue I totally agree! This girl I worked with (we were both making 7.90 an hour) had coach purses and wore guchi and had a brand new blackberry and got her nails filled once a week. The funny thing was she also had a new car and was on FOOD STAMPS. Now, don't get me wrong,[url=]moncler homme[/url], there is NOTHING wrong with getting food stamps or any other kind of government help if you need it. I just don't get how she could have all of this stuff and still qualify for food stamps. I seriously needed tons of government help but refused to get it and I barely had a car, was homeless every other week. She almost never ate too, she was TINY.

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